Caroline Dorling

Twenty-five years ago, I bought my first lathe together with a bucket of random tools. It had been housed in a converted railway carriage in a corner of a farmer's field. Completely ignorant of wood turning, I hacked away for a couple of years. Then running a business on my own devoured my time and woodturning became a fond memory.

Twelve years later, with the business gone and elderly parents needing my help, I wondered if woodturning still held it lure. A weekend course confirmed my passion. I also realised that my beautifully crafted but incredibly slow lathe was good for metal but not wood. Luckily, soon after, good deals were to be had at the Weald Wood Fair. So, armed with a spanking new lathe, reference books and informative videos, I improved my skills. Since then, woodturning has been a huge enjoyment for me.

Wood is a wonderful medium to work with. Some such as Sycamore cut like butter, whilst others like Jarrah Burr are hard and dusty but shine up beautifully once oiled. I can source an extensive range of English and exotic hardwoods. Pieces are chosen for their inherent vibrancy of design and contrast in colour and texture and some even shimmer! I prefer to work this way rather than distress wood or artificially colour it.

If you would like to see my work, I work from home and I sell at craft fairs.

Also, if you give me enough time, I can work to your design and individual specification. I am happy making bowls, platters, lamps, candlesticks, boxes etc., using your wood or mine.

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Tel: 01273 473388

The Old Coach House
East Sussex BN7 2BE

Exhibiting at Star Crafts, Lewes

Carloine Dorling - Woodturner

Preparing work for craft fair

Carloine Dorling - Woodturner

Preparing work for Artwave

Fiddleback Sycamore

Fiddleback Sycamore



Spalted Sycamore

Spalted Sycamore

Natural Edge Robinia


London Plane

Lime - Wood Turning


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